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Setting Elder Law Attorney Fees in Southwest Georgia?

Hello, and welcome to the Southwest Georgia Elder Care and Special Needs Network. I’m Dale Davidson, your video host today. Today’s question is, How do I set my elder law attorney fees in southwest Georgia?

There are many different ways of charging fees, and I work in a variety of different ways. I work on both an hourly rate or a flat fee, and I bill either monthly or upon completion of the work, depending on my client’s needs. If a client has any questions, they’re free to ask. In addition to fees, I do charge for out-of-pocket expenses. Now, out-of-pocket expenses typically include charges for copies, postage, overnight messenger fees, court fees, deposition fees, long-distance telephone calls, and other such costs

In certain instances, I may ask for a retainer. This is money paid before I start working on your case. The size of the retainer may range from a small percentage of the estimated cost to the full amount. But in many cases, the total fee will be higher than the retainer. But many of my clients want to know exactly what something will cost rather than rely upon an hourly rate. For these clients, I can provide them a flat fee, but this is not always possible.

For example, in a probate matter, I might be able to provide a flat fee for probate and will. But if there’s a contest to the will, then an hourly rate is appropriate because I cannot fairly estimate the fee when litigation is involved. The good news is that most of the work that I can provide is on a flat fee basis.

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