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Lives Without Limits – Thomasville, GA

I’m Billie Jo Beverly, and I’m here to tell you about Lives Without Limits. Lives Without Limits is now a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that was started by several local Thomasville individuals, and it is designed to help individuals with disabilities to be able to hunt and fish and enjoy outdoor activities. We are also geared up to work with families and individuals with those disabilities to help provide specialized medical equipment within their home or help navigate them through the medical world of having resources for their needs they may come up against.

We have a fundraiser on October 18th, at 6:00, at the fairgrounds in Thomasville. We will have a full dinner. There will be steak and chicken and wonderful sides provided by one of the local assisted living facilities. It is silent auction, live auction items, raffle items, and so it’s a night of getting together, enjoying food, and learning more about our program of how we’ve already turned the money that we’ve raised over the last couple of years into helping people locally within our community, Thomas and Grady. Over the last two years, we have probably raised around $75,000.

We are allocating out certain amounts money to help with building wheelchair ramps, whether it be a wooden wheelchair ramp or a concrete wheelchair ramp, helping with purchasing specialized seating equipment. For instance, one piece of equipment is called a turn gurney seat. A used turn gurney seat is $5,000. A brand new can be $10,000. So depending on the need and the amount of money, what we’re able to do with those proceeds that we’ve been able to raise. To put on an event of that size, we do have expenses, but as of right now our entire organization is volunteer based.

For tickets, please call my office at (229) 225-1441. We also have brochures out throughout Thomasville and Grady County. We also have a website, Please visit and look around.

Lives Without Limits
(229) 225-1182
PO Box 1652
Thomasville, GA 31799