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Bethany Hospice

2517 Bemiss Road

Valdosta, GA, 31602

(229) 249-8687

Providing the highest possible quality of life to an individual when an illness or injury is no longer responding to curative care.

About Us

Bethany Hospice is committed to providing the highest possible quality of life to an individual when an illness or injury is no longer responding to curative care. Our staff is well trained, highly professional, and trustworthy. Their constant focus is a positive outcome for each patient and their family. With daily contact made to our patients, our team of professionals can quickly assess changes to the disease process. Our staff holds fast to the hospice philosophy that treating mind, body, and soul allows the patient to die in peace and their family to be supported through the grief process.


To promote and facilitate the highest possible quality of life during a life-limiting illness. To ably and compassionately assist families during the bereavement process, and to continuously exemplify the hospice philosophy of preserving patient choice and patient dignity.

Our Services

The Hospice Team

Attending Physician

  • Certifies patient’s condition and the appropriateness of hospice care.
  • Is involved with patient’s palliative pain and symptom management.

Medical Director

  • Review medical information on each patient referred to Bethany Hospice.
  • Evaluates and determines the appropriateness of hospice care.
  • Works with hospice staff as a consultant.


  • Daily contacts with our patients.
  • Makes regular visits to the patient providing expertly managed pain and symptom control techniques.
  • Coordinates with the primary physician about the care of the patient.
  • Registered Nurse provided to perform the complete spectrum of skilled nursing care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Home Health Aide

  • Provides assistance for the personal care of the patient such as bathing, oral hygiene and skin care.
  • Perform tasks that assist the patient/caregiver, such as change linens.

Licensed Medical Social Worker

  • Provides assistance for emotional and financial concerns.
  • Acts as a liaison to community resources.
  • Provides counseling to patient/family.


  • Offer spiritual guidance and comfort to patients and families.



Our volunteers are literally the heart of hospice. At Bethany, they provide a special kind of caring and compassion for our patients and their families. We have a dedicated volunteer force and offer opportunities to serve in just about every area imaginable.

The Bethany volunteer serves as a member of the hospice team by sharing skills and interests in a manner that provides comfort and enriches the quality of life for those served. Whether a volunteer can give four hours a month or four hours per day, your help is always welcomed and appreciated. Volunteers serve on a regularly scheduled basis and provide the following:

Direct Patient Volunteer: Companionship visits to the patient, respite care to the caregiver, sitter services for short periods so caregiver can attend doctor’s appointments or social outings.

Administrative Volunteer: Assist in the office with clerical duties such as answering phones, data entry, assembling information packets, filing, prepare mailings, and assist in other office needs.

Pet Therapy Volunteer: Provides pet therapy visits to patients and facilities. Training provided through Pet therapy Inc. Up to date vaccinations and yearly exams required on all pets.

Special Project Volunteer: Bakes cookies, knitting or crocheting gifts for patients, wheelchair washes, helping with birthday crafts, blood drives



  • Hospice is not a place but a concept of palliative medical care
  • Hospice care is active; it aims to lessen the severity of symptoms associated with terminal illnesses.
  • Hospice recognizes the right of every person and family to participate in the final stage of the journey of life.
  • Hospice recognizes patients and their families as the unit of care.
  • Hospice acknowledges the right of patients and families to participate in establishing a plan of care.
  • Hospice recognizes the patient’s environment, which includes the home, the family, and the caregiver as the setting in which to achieve the most effective care.
  • Hospice considers pain control an appropriate clinical goal; pain may be physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial in nature.
  • Hospice considers a bereavement program for surviving families and caregivers as an essential part of care.