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About Us

For years, Rotech has been a national leader in providing home medical equipment, respiratory equipment and services, and respiratory (nebulizer) medications for home use. More than 3,500 employees of the Rotech family of hometown companies contribute to delivering quality service and the best in professional patient care through approximately 450 locations in 48 states across the country.

Professional respiratory clinicians and pharmacists are an essential part of our care-giving teams in delivering home medical products, medications, and care, to our patients. These professionals are supported by a corps of customer service representatives, patient service technicians, and numerous others. Our dedicated teams all are committed to you, your family, and your physician in achieving a common goal – helping you lead a more comfortable and productive life, every day.

Respiratory Services

As a leading provider of respiratory products, Rotech companies provide patients with equipment and supplies including:


An oxygen concentrator is a device used to provide oxygen therapy to a patient at substantially higher concentrations than available in room air.

Rotech provides a full line of oxygen equipment including concentrators, stationary and portable liquid oxygen systems, and high pressure gas cylinders for home and travel use. Our trained Patient Service Technicians will provide education and set up of all equipment in the comfort of your home. With 450 locations throughout the country, we are able to accommodate most travel needs.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

For people with moderate to severe sleep apnea, lifestyle changes alone are often inadequate to correct sleep apnea. A medical device called CPAP may be prescribed by your physician. With successful treatment, people with obstructive sleep apnea (and their spouses) can enjoy more restful sleep and greatly improved health.

Our qualified staff will provide set up, training and mask fitting as well as clinical support for any questions or concerns. Our customer support enables patients to take control of their own treatment through a division of Rotech known as Sleep Central.


Your physician may prescribe a nebulizer and medication for treatment of your breathing problems. A nebulizer is a device which takes a small amount of liquid medication and turns it into a mist that you inhale. Inhaled medications have been used as a frontline treatment of respiratory disease for many years.

Nebulizer supplies and medications can be conveniently delivered directly to your home through a division of Rotech known as PulmoDose.

Non-invasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (NPPV)

NPPV provides assistance to the patients own breathing to maintain adequate ventilation. It is not intended for use as life supporting ventilation (i.e24 hours per day) but rather for periods of the day, mainly during sleep.

A Licensed Respiratory Clinician will set up the equipment and provide education in the comfort of your home. Supplies can be ordered through Sleep Central, a division of Rotech, and conveniently shipped to your door.


Mechanical ventilation is a method to mechanically assist or replace spontaneous breathing; this may involve a machine called a ventilator. Your physician may order a ventilator for use only at night, during limited daytime hours, or around the clock, depending on your condition.

Ventilators combined with clinical expertise and a commitment to education and training provide the most stable home environment for our patients.

Cough Assist Device

A Cough Assist Device provides a non-invasive therapy that safely and consistently removes secretions in patients with an ineffective ability to cough. The device clears secretions by gradually applying positive pressure to the airway, and rapidly shifting to negative pressure simulating a natural cough.

A Licensed Respiratory Clinician will educate and train patients and/or caregivers for the provision of effective cough assist treatments in the home.

Medical Equipments

Across the country, Rotech professionals are assisting patients and their physicians in comprehensive treatment programs, all with one goal  helping you lead a more comfortable and productive life, every day.

Rotech company locations nationwide provide a full line of home medical equipment to assist you in the home, while traveling, and while enjoying your daily activities.

Mobility Services

Rotech's comprehensive line of mobility products offers the right solution to your mobility needs, every time. Visit a Rotech company location for full information on how our mobility products can help you get the most out of life.

  • Power Wheelchairs
  • Power Scooters
  • Manual Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Canes

Daily Needs

Rotech has a full offering of solutions to assist patient caregivers, and to ensure patient comfort, safety, and dignity. The professional staff of approximately 450 Rotech locations welcomes the opportunity to discuss your living assistance needs.

  • Hospital Beds
  • Lift Chairs and Recliners
  • Patient Lifts and Slings
  • Therapeutic and Pressure Relief Mattresses