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Hopewell In Home Care Senior Care

2121-H Killarney Way

Tallahassee, FL, 32309

(850) 386-5552

My name is Brian Moran. I’m one of six registered nurses who work at a company called Hopewell In-Home Senior Care.

Hopewell is a home health agency that’s licensed by the state to provide certified background checked screened caregivers to assist seniors or anybody that may need assistance with activities of daily living in their home, or assisted-living, or any place they call home.

In Georgia, we are licensed for ten counties from Valdosta to Bainbridge and everything in between. We’re also licensed in Florida, in 11 counties in Florida, from Taylor County to Bay County. So, we’ve got this little regional in-home care business.

The nice thing about Hopewell is we provide all ranges of care. Some companies will only provide a sitter, they’re only licensed to do that. Sometimes they just can provide hands-on care, and Hopewell takes it one step further. We can supply R.N.s, L.P.N.s, Personal Care Attendants, Certified Nurse Assistants, and what we call homemaker companions. So, four categories of assistance whether it be someone to just drive, or do house cooking, or cleaning, all the way up to personal care, injections, assistance with bathing, dressing, and incontinence care, and things like that.

Hopewell is a different model than a typical franchise. This is not a franchise. It started in Tallahassee 13 years ago with one nurse and one C.N.A., and the Hopewell model has been to have C.N.A.s be in the home, but under the supervision of a registered nurse.

So, the registered nurse acts as a Geriatric Case Manager. And what they do is, the person needs help bathing, and dressing, and ambulation, but they have congestive heart failure, they may have diabetes, they may be on blood thinners. All of those factors factor into the care plan so that when our caregiver is acting as the caregiver, we want them to notify our nurses if there’s a problem with blood sugars, if there’s a problem with swelling of the feet, or shortness of breath, so that we can interact sooner and keep them out of emergency room, out of the hospital by interacting sooner, and acting as a nurse would in home healthcare.

Geriatric Case Managers are specially trained individuals. Usually nurses are social workers that have a good understanding of what the seniors need from a community stand point. It maybe a C.N.A. to help with bathing and dressing, and it maybe that they need to be connected with home healthcare for physical therapy or an elder care attorney because there’s some issues with families, and inheritance, and power of attorney. So, we act as connectors not only medically, but also to other resources in the community to help them if they need help.

We are pleased to be in Thomasville. Like I said, we started with one nurse and one C.N.A. 13 years ago, and we’ve grown with a model that, I think, is a little bit different, but it’s a more hands-on approach and a more medically necessary approach with patients with multiple diagnoses.