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Legacy Village

220 Park Ave.

Thomasville, GA, 31729

(229) 227-0880

Offers our residents a community where they can enjoy the life they have earned and deserve with privacy, independence and convenience of care.

 My name is Christy Cooke and I am the Executive Director here at Plantation Manor.

Dale Davidson: And how long have you been with Plantation Manor?

Christy Cook: As a family member, I’ve been with Plantation Manor for three years. My grandmother is here in the Memory Care Unit. But, as the Executive Director it’s been a little over a month.

Dale Davidson: And what services does Plantation Manor offer?

Christy Cook: We have a personal care home. So, that means we offer easy living. We also have our Memory Care Unit.

Dale Davidson: And tell me more about the Memory Care unit.

Christy Cook: Sure. It’s a locked facility. So, it has secured doors. We have trained C.N.A.s, L.P.N.s, and an R.N. that is here to assist with the residents.

Dale Davidson: How many residents do you have total?

Christy Cook: Twenty-six.

Dale Davidson: And that…

Christy Cook: On memory care.

Dale Davidson: On memory care. And how many total residents do you have?

Christy Cook: Fifty-three.

Dale Davidson: And you’re located here in Thomasville?

Christy Cook: Thomasville. Yes, correct.

Dale Davidson: Do you serve any other communities around?

Christy Cook: Well, we’re here in Thomasville, but we have residents from all over the United States.

Dale Davidson: What is the furthest resident you have?

Christy Cook: We have a resident that is from Washington State.

Dale Davidson: And tell us why is Plantation Manor so special.

Christy Cook: I love it because it’s a home. It’s small. There’s just a few of us. We all are like a family. Many of us have been here for a long time, and have worked here a long time, and it’s just small, and a family. Our mission and motto is where friends become family.

Dale Davidson: And that’s true here because your grandmother lives here.

Christy Cook: Yes, correct.

Dale Davidson: How long has your grandmother been here?

Christy Cook: She’s been here a little over three years now and she’s in our Gracious Memory Care Unit.

Dale Davidson: Is there anything else you want to tell the audience about Plantation Manor?

Christy Cook: Come take a tour. I’d love to meet you.

Dale Davidson: Great. Thank you.


About Us

Nestled on an in-town campus and located within two blocks of Archbold Memorial Hospital and numerous physicians’ offices, Plantation Manor has been designed as a Community Center to serve area residents. Our community is built around the historic Wahl house, a home of sentimental value to the citizens of Thomasville. We have worked to preserve the grace of the original home, giving residents a taste of the romance and elegance of the Old South. Residents may select from various suite options and still enjoy the activities, lounge, library, main dining and private dining rooms. The beautifully landscaped grounds feature a large patio area for community gatherings.

Our mission at Plantation Manor is to offer our residents a community where they can enjoy the life they have earned and deserve with privacy, independence and convenience of care. What makes Plantation Manor especially appealing is its emphasis on each resident’s individual “wellness”. It comes by design – by our professional staff’s orientation and training in wellness, through the comfortable residential setting, and by the welcome given to the family support – all contribute to an environment that encourages each resident to maximize their independence and live life to the fullest.

At Plantation Manor, we believe an individual’s ability to make his/her own choices is the cornerstone of one’s independence, well-being and happiness.


  • At Plantation Manor, we “meet our residents where they are,” providing a wide range of amenities. Included in your monthly fee are:
  • Three delicious, southern-style meals per day plus nutritious snacks with therapeutic diets as needed,
  • Grand common areas with fireplaces- including multiple dining rooms, living rooms and parlors, a library, private meeting rooms, and landscaped gardens/patios,
  • Access to our Steel Magnolia Beauty Salon and Classic Touch Gift Shop,
  • Transportation to medical appointments, shopping and social events,
  • Housekeeping, linens and laundry,
  • 24-hour security and trained emergency call response,
  • A full-time nurse and a medical assistant providing wellness oversight and acting as liaisons with local health care providers (including physical and occupational therapists),
  • Program services designed to meet the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of our residents,
  • Respite care and guest services.

Suite Options

  • Plantation Manor offers two floor plans in our Livin’ Easy (Assisted Living) wing as well as the lovely suite plan in our Gracious Living (Alzheimer’s/dementia) wing.
  • Livin’ Easy residents may choose the L-shaped Dogwood suite with an adjoining, private bath or the larger Magnolia suite consisting of two bedrooms, a sitting area and a private bath. All suites are spacious, light and airy as well as handicap accessible.
  • Gracious Living (memory-impaired) residents enjoy spacious suites with private baths and closet/storage space. Outside each suite is a memory box where residents can display personal pictures, memorabilia or other treasures. This not only helps them identify their rooms, but it also keeps precious memories alive.
  • All suites include our emergency call/response system.

Alzheimer/Dementia Care

Our Gracious Living environment (Thomasville’s first) was specifically designed for residents with memory impairment. This separate, secured wing features individualized care in a beautiful, protected area. Caregivers are trained in understanding the very special needs of those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Our focus is to provide the utmost care for our Alzheimer/dementia residents. This includes being familiar with each resident’s physical and social history, likes/dislikes, favorite foods and preferred activities. We encourage these special members of our family to as independent as possible—never compromising their dignity. Most importantly, we make them feel at-home, secure, comfortable and loved.