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UniHealth Magnolia Manor South

3003 Veterans Parkway

Moultrie, GA, 31788

(229) 985-3422

Dedicated to providing appropriate post-acute and traditional nursing home care.

I’m Jennifer Curles, and I’m the admissions director at Unihealth Magnolia Manor South,. We’re located in Moultrie, GA on Veterans Parkway. We’re a 100 bed facility where we offer short-term and long-term care. We offer physical, occupational, and speech therapy. We have the latest equipment here in our facility. Also in our short-term rehab unit, we have all private recovery suites. You automatically have your own private room. The room is completely furnished with cable and telephone service. You’ll have your own direct private line into your room. We also have four restaurant-style dining rooms here. We offer a lot of care after hospitalization, so if you’re having any type of surgery – total knee replacement, hip surgery, CVAs – and you need to find somewhere for rehab, you can come to our facility.