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Woodleaf Senior Home Care

2022 East Pinetree Blvd.

Thomasville, GA, 31792

(229) 226-4664

At Woodleaf Senior Home Care of Thomasville, we ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable care.

Mandy:      My name is Mandy Vickers Zahniser. I’m the administrator for Woodleaf At Home Services here in Thomasville, Gerogia.  And we are located on 2022 East Pinetree Boulevard.

Dale Davidson:     And what is Woodleaf At Home Services?

Mandy:      Woodleaf At Home Services is an at home service provided to people that are seeking to remain independent in their homes.  It’s not only limited to seniors. We’ve also helped people on    bed rest from pregnancy and people that also have had surgeries, knee replacements, hip replacements, and back surgeries as well.

Dale Davidson:     And do you actually go into the home, and what services do you provide?

Mandy:      Okay. The services that we provide at home include meal planning preparation, transportation, medication management, lighthouse keeping, laundry services, and transportation as    needed with running errands as well as doctor appointments and any other type of services they may need in the home.

Dale Davidson:     Do you, with your home health care services, do you help with their medications?

Mandy:      We do. We can assist with medications, and we do document in our Woodleaf At Home book that we have provided in the home, that we set up once we do an assessment and come into the home to start services.

Dale Davidson:     But people get to keep their own pharmacy, correct?

Mandy:      They do. We do not determine what type of pharmacies that they use at that point. They are able to use local pharmacies still. And most of our residents in the home are still able to manage their medications. And we just assist with reminding of medications.

Dale Davidson:     And what sets Woodleaf At Home apart from all other home  health services here in this area?

Mandy:      Woodleaf At Home is different in that we’re, we’re small. A lot of our employees here at the Suites of Woodleaf, which is our assisted living home, are dual employees for Woodleaf At Home as well. So with that said we are able to go in and foster a relationship with these families in the community that we’re working with and to build a relationship. And as they age in the home or need other services, we have built that relationship with hopes that if they need an assisted home they are able to come to Woodleaf. That may not always be the choice but we feel like what sets us apart is our wonderful caregivers. We hire what we consider to be cream of the crop caregivers that provide exceptional care to our at home clients. I go out and do spot checks as well as our nurse here on staff will do supervisory visits, unexpected. So we know that our staff is always expecting us to come in. They, they will always be in full uniform. We come in to look for documentation in their books that we provide in the home to make sure everything is accurately documented as well. And we make sure that the homes are being well maintained and that the residents’ care levels are being met.


About Us

Our Mission and Values

“As a member of The Senior’s Choice, a leading companion care service provider, our mission is to ensure a better quality of life for our elderly clients and their families by providing dependable and affordable care.”

Home is Where the Heart is …

Our focus is to keep you or your loved ones at home, where the heart is, and avoid:

  • loss of friends and possessions
  • loss of independence and freedom
  • loss of spirit which is drained by the battles of daily living

Our caring service makes it possible for the elderly to maintain as much independence as possible, by providing the appropriate in home assistance and companionship. In that way we lift spirits not only of the elderly, but of the family caregiver as well.


We Provide an Affordable and Caring Solution for the Busy Family

Woodleaf At Home is the perfect solution for seniors and others who aren’t ready to leave their homes for an institutional setting or live with relatives, but because of illness or chronic conditions need support to remain at home. We improve your life by providing compassionate, one-on-one care in the comfort of your own home.

Highly qualified and trained caregivers are ready to help you and your loved ones with a variety of daily activities such as:

  • Caring Companionship
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Incidental transportation
  • Running errands
  • Light housekeeping
  • Medication reminders
  • Assistance with bathing and grooming
  • Assistance with bill paying
  • Information and referral services

Our personalized and affordable services are available 7 days a week and can range from a few hours per day to 24 hour live in care.

Enjoy the Simple Pleasures

Woodleaf At Home provides help with daily activities, enabling you to save your energy for the important things in life, such as:

  • Connecting with friends or family
  • Taking short walks
  • Reading a good book

Reconnect with Loved Ones

Constant family caregiving can bring about considerable stress. We provide a respite for the primary family caregiver, i.e., a wife caring for her husband or a son caring for his parents, offering relief with daily routines and strengthening relationships.

Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are totally committed, highly qualified and carefully selected individuals who are personally and thoroughly screened, bonded and insured. Most importantly our caregivers are dependable and extraordinarily caring of others.

In addition to their previous experience, our caregivers receive continuous training that includes a specialized curriculum exclusive to Woodleaf At Home.